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Judge Profile

Theresa Mercer
Employability Consultant

Theresa always wanted to be a teacher but came out of school without the right qualifications. Falling into HR and having a professional career for over 20 years in HR brought her to the MK based charity, Worktree, 11 years ago. Today Theresa is fully involved in running the charity and delivering its Career WorkOut programme in most secondary schools across Milton Keynes. Worktree’s vision is that all students get the opportunity to develop career awareness, aspirations and employability skills by organising young people to meet and question a wide variety of different workers through carousels of short interviews in Career WorkOut . Career WorkOut enables students to realise that career aspirations and paths change dependant on who we meet in life and what qualifications they achieve in school. Theresa won the Woman Leaders Award for Community Impact – charity in October 2018 and looks forward to judging at the SME Awards.