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Office Impact


“Uniting Business and Environment”

Office Impact operates with a series of simple and clear objectives…

A clear set of objectives

  • To help educate businesses and business leaders on climate change
  • To provide a platform for businesses to support environmental projects
  • To provide a simple method for businesses to offset their carbon footprint
  • To promote and encourage ethical and eco-friendly business practices
  • To encourage local and national collaboration on environmental projects
  • To help connect businesses committed to making a positive impact


Our website is the link to unite your business with its responsibilities to the natural world we all love to enjoy. Everyone is aware of the growing need to protect, regenerate and improve the condition of the vital ecosystems we rely on for our very existence.  Consumers are now more than ever, looking to direct their custom to those organisations that demonstrate a commitment to offsetting the negative impact on the environment they create. This is the same in B2B markets in the UK and around the world. All businesses no matter the size or industry have an impact. Our Naturescapes Project has been developed to provide the simplest of solutions.

Naturescapes Project

Through the building of partnerships with both local and national environmental organisations, our Naturescapes Project provides the platform for businesses to help support a wide range of regeneration, re-wilding, educational and research projects. We have teamed up with the wonderful people at www.moretrees.eco as our main tree-planting partner for 2021. One of the first positive steps we take when you join us is to plant at least two trees on your behalf and ensure you receive your tree-planting certificate detailing how much carbon you have already offset!

We support a wide range of environmental projects from major international programmes with WWF or Fauna & Flora International, to smaller community led activities. By joining our Naturescapes Project, your business is not only directly helping to support a range of positive initiatives, but also helping to offset your own carbon footprint. We keep our members up to date each month with the projects your membership is helping to support.


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