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Mario Zuccaro

Founder, Oysta Technology

After successfully creating and managing several businesses throughout Australia and Europe, Mario returned to the UK in 2000 to develop his career in the mobile telecommunications sector. Pivotal in the launch of Huawei and working with telecom giants such as O2, Mario spotted a gap in the care market after getting personally involved in arranging care,  he found a lack of innovation in the care sector and limited services being offered to help our loved ones.

Mario launched Oysta Technology in the UK and Spain in 2008. Utilising Oysta’s innovative IntelliCare platform, Oysta Technology provides a comprehensive and growing range of digital care solutions for a variety of industry sectors. Oysta today provides a lifeline for vulnerable independent people (VIP’s) and lone workers. Using smart technology the care burden can be shared between 24/7 monitoring centres with family, friends and neighbours (telecare) or employees and managers (lone workers) to improve response and outcomes.

Oysta’s digital mobile technology in the health and social care sectors, helps Local Authorities, NHS Trusts and social care providers keep Vulnerable Independent People (VIP) safe within their own homes and supported wherever they may be. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Oysta’s suite of telecare solutions have enabled shielding VIPs to remain safe and connected. They continue to get support for their confidence, and mental and physical health, as they venture out into the new normal.

Working with organisations throughout the world, Oysta’s corporate and security solutions provide protection for teams of lone and dispersed workers. Keeping businesses compliant and achieving their legal duty of care requirements, Oysta’s technology enables reliable communication and access to help in a crisis.

Oysta has won many awards, is the market leader in the UK, and expanding in Europe and Oceania, it is changing the face of mobile telecare. For further information, please visit www.oysta-technology.com